Guidelines for authors

Please submit abstracts in the Russian and English languages.

Guidelines for authors

The electronic submission (tex-file, jpg or pdf-file containing scanned copy with author’s signature on the first page) should be sent to .

All filenames should consist of the name and initials of a keynote speaker and only be the letters of the Latin alphabet (eg, IvanovI.tex, IvanovI.pdf, IvanovI.jpg,, IvanovI.rar).

The Expert Board of the Organizing Committee will consider and make decisions to accept or reject papers.


You can pay the registration fee:

– by cash upon arrival;

– non-cash transfer to Fatima M. Losanova, bankcard number 4276 6000 1815 1700 (Sberbank of Russia).

Mobile phone number: +7(928)711 61 84 (Fatima M. Losanova).

*Please send a scanned receipt for payment to In the field of subject indicate «conference registration fee, participant’s name and location».